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Douglas, that was the name of the Scottish clan whose tartans  were mostly gray. Because each tartan corresponded to a clan. If your pet has spent his day living incredible adventures like a Scottish warrior, he will not be reluctant to rest on this relatively light and soft blanket! You can use it to protect your sofa as well as to add softness to your basket.  This cotton flannel fabric,  comes from the collection of the highly regarded  made  Kaufman, known and recognized for its incredible tartans.

The French leather badge is hot iron stamped with the initials La Crapule.


  • Size: Approx 110cm X 75
  • Made In South Of France
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • 180  g / m2
  • Fabric from the famous Kaufman factory
  • Natural leather with vegetable tanage
  • Hand wash and natural drying.


a  disgorging of the colors of the fabric in the first wash is possible and normal. Remember to take this into account when washing the blanket.


€ 39,00Price

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