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Spring is here! The first flowers make their appearance accompanied by all a little life that awakens, ants, butterflies, and bees that forage!
Everyone is busy out there, and your dog has  surely want to take full advantage of all this nature which "comes back" to life! So, hop, we put him the bandana To bee or not to Be, and we stop philosophizing, we go on an adventure!

La Crapule chooses cotton for all its bandanas because it is important to use natural materials,  out of conviction, but also to eliminate any risk of your dog's allergy to the bandana.

The French leather patch is hot-ironed with the initials La Crapule to highlight the hem of the bandana.
Each bandana is delivered in its case.


  • Made In South Of France
  • 100% Japanese cotton
  • Fabric from the famous Kaufman factory
  • Designer Jennifer  Sampou
  • 140 g / m2
  • Natural leather with vegetable tanage
  • Hand wash and natural dry
  • Low heat ironing


a  disgorging of the colors of the fabric in the first wash is possible and normal. Remember to take this into account when washing the bandana.

To Bee or not to Be


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