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Valhalla, in Norse mythology, designates the paradise of valiant warriors. Your furball will be able to fight crazy imaginary battles, lying on this very light cotton blanket.  This cotton blanket can protect your sofa as well as bring a personal touch to  his basket.  This 100% cotton fabric,  comes from the very famous  made  Kaufman, known and recognized for her incredible patterns.

The French leather badge is hot iron stamped with the initials La Crapule.

  • Size: Approx 105cm X 75
  • Made In South Of France
  • 100% very light cotton
  • 130  g / m2
  • Fabric from the famous Kaufman factory
  • Natural leather with vegetable tanage
  • Hand wash and natural drying.


a  disgorging of the colors of the fabric in the first wash is possible and normal. Remember to take this into account when washing the blanket.



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