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Fall 2019

Autumn ... a season in between ... Summer and the holidays are over, but winter, Christmas and family reunion are approaching.
We start to make the first chimney fires and
 we bring out the woolen sweaters. We  replace them  orangeades by hot chocolates. Our hairy family also replaces its summer fur with winter fur in order to be able to make the most of walks in the glowing forests or even the first flakes.
Autumn is also the season when we allow ourselves a little more lightness than usual
  with Halloween to celebrate without pessimism the loved ones of all kinds who are no longer with us but forever in our hearts.
La Crapule offers you its Halloween Bandana for this occasion. He
  will make you shiver  anyone who will approach your 4-legged friend!

Citrouilles et bougies



Winter 2019

Winter, a season  synonymous with both cold and warmth ... human and hairy :). This is the opportunity to meet by the fire,  bundled up in a plaid  Scottish,  with her cat on her knees and her dog at her feet, or why not both on your knees! This is an opportunity to recall memories or the desire to create new ones with plans for snowshoeing in the middle of the forests.  snowy. It is a season where we love more than anything the proximity, the proximity to our animals, the proximity to nature so pure in this season, the proximity to his family and friends. With its winter 2019 collection, La Crapule wanted  transcribe all these emotions, the cold with the St Petersburg model, the warmth of wood fires with the Java model, the sweetness of the days rolled up in warm blankets with the Kirkwall and Kelso models. Who says Winter says Christmas, and La Crapule has not forgotten for this occasion to offer you a model a little more festive and sparkling so that your dogs and cats also have their outfit  ceremonial to celebrate Christmas  worthily. 

Neigeux Woodland Trees
Bandana chien chat made in france

St Petersburg

Bandana chien chat made in france


Bandana chien chat made in france


Bandana chien chat made in france


Bandana chien chat made in france


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