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Notre histoire

Fille et son chien husky face à un lac de montagne

A biologist by training and particularly aware of the degradation of the planet, pollution, the extinction of species. Can't close my eyes to  the tragedy in progress, La Crapule makes a point of honor to  defending a certain number of values, the majority use of natural materials, which is why you will never find polyester in our bandanas. When  100% natural is not possible, we use  recycled / recyclable materials and without risk to health. 

La Crapule was born in 2019, following various experiences in the field of biology, ecology, animal care, and animal sport.

Rich in all these approaches but also experiences shared with Talulla, came the desire to create unique products with respect for animals and the planet.


We have found that most articles for animals are made of plastics (or derivatives) and polyester.
Plastic produced from petroleum is neither good for our planet, nor for the skin or body of our animals.

Our products are mainly composed of natural materials and are made to accompany you on all your adventures, in town or in the countryside, at home or on travel.  



La Crapule is 3 passions. Animals, manual creation, adventure. 

Branche de coton, matières naturelles

Originally there is Talulla, a female Siberian husky, and a will, do everything for her. Bring it  everywhere, in France and abroad, to make him discover mountains, seas and  oceans. Wild spaces like capitals.
But above all, that she would never be alone
, she would always be by my side. 

This promise went through the creation of the La Crapule brand, in order to be able to work with Talulla, but also to flourish in creation.  articles  for animals corresponding to my values.

Limiting pollution and carbon footprint requires collaboration with French or Spanish companies because we are close to the border.
The raw materials and packaging come from small structures, often artisanal or family, because it is important to have confidence in the materials that we work but also to know that they have been produced with love and respect.

Tissu en rouleaux, 100% coton
Chien husky au coucher de soleil sur la montagne.

Our animals depend entirely on us, on our choices. It is our duty when they enter our lives, to offer them toys and accessories without risk to their health, without risk of allergy, without plastic and non-polluting for the planet.

We must preserve the planet, their planet, as much as their life.  

At La Crapule we do not offer items guaranteed for life, because natural means degradable. But we guarantee you great adventures with our products, without worrying about allergic or poisoning risks. With the conviction that each product is unique just like your animal is, that each product has been made with love, with respect for animals, people and the planet.

The La Crapule adventure was also inspired by the boundless zest and joy of Norman, the  brother  Maine Coon from Talulla, left too early from a malformation  cardiac .
Because even when we do our best, nature sometimes decides otherwise.
We want to share with you the message to enjoy every moment with your animals, every look, every
  hug, every ride. Every second spent with them is a little  moment  of eternity. If you want to go on an adventure with them, go for it, you are the sole masters of your destiny and your happiness. The happiness of your animals, it is quite simple, it is to be by your side.

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