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Hornbeam chews are somewhere between a toy and a treat.
Dogs are bored, just like humans. Unfortunately, most pet toys can contain plastic and other harmful compounds.
ROCKETO goes back to basics and thinks about what nature has already planned for our dogs. That's why we think a wooden stick will always be a good  choice for dogs when it comes to chewing, playing or relieving stress while chewing.

Hornbeam is well known for its strong structure and low probability of splitting.

Rocketo does not use  than the remaining parts of sustainably grown and harvested trees. Then the woods  dry up  gently in the open air for days so that it becomes extra strong and almost unbreakable.

The size and shape of each stick may vary as in nature.


100% Natural Charm Stick (Lithuania)


Size guide:

  • Small dog <20 kg: size S
  • Medium dog 20-40 kg:  size M
  • Large dog > 40 kg: size L

Attention the diameters are important, refer to the images of the sizes. Not suitable for very small dogs.


User manual:

Relax, your dog knows what to do.

IMPORTANT: As with all chew toys/sticks, always supervise your dog while he is using it and place him out of reach when he is finished chewing/playing.


  • Size S: length 15 cm, diameter 5 to 6 cm
  • Size M:  length 15 cm, diameter 6  at 8  cm
  • Size L:  length 15 cm, diameter > 8 cm

Hornbeam chew


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