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A staple of cat toys, the feathered cane!
A toy that awakens even the most hidden intincts in them! A hunting instinct, which was well hidden at the bottom of the sofa but still present!

As you know, La Crapule loves our animals more than anything, but also our planet. This is why, tired of seeing plastic or reconstituted wood canes, with elastic bands and plastic feathers, we have tried to offer you a cane that is both aesthetic and respectful of our planet.


  • Wood approximately 45 to 60 cm long, diameter 1 to 2 cm.
    The woods are more or less straight or tortuous, if you want it to be rather straight or rather original, thank you for specifying it in the comments.
  • Thread about 70 cm long
  • 3 Variable feathers 3 to 4 cm
  • Bell 1,5 cm

How is the La Crapule feather rod made?

  • Driftwood, collected by us on our beautiful Mediterranean beaches, then sanded to offer a product without risk of splinters. There will not be 2 identical rods, each piece is unique! It is the same for the shape and the grain of the wood.
  • Linen rope, 100% natural and very resistant from Normandy. The cultivation and processing of flax is non-polluting and particularly economical in water.
  • French natural feathers collected without cruelty,  retrieved from a trusted small breeder with a large garden chicken coop and only killing for the purpose of food. The birds were never abused or killed for their feathers. These have been carefully sorted and cleaned. Some are simply picked up from the ground. Here again the patterns of the feathers may vary.

  • A bell without component  toxic  and lead free, made of stainless steel. 
  • Waxed cotton thread in 3 colors, because this cane is proudly produced in the south of France

  • The La Crapule logo is branded with a hot iron

  • A length of Lin ending in a knot is intentionally left between the feathers so that if your hunter manages to tear off the feathers, (already a big bravo he can be proud of himself.  because our tester Norman our Maine Coon did not succeed), you can still use the cane by hanging any toy on it with a carabiner or a piece of string.


We remind you that your animal must always be under your supervision during his moments of play.



Feather cane


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