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The shades  blue from Lake Baikal in Siberia,  inspired the name of this crochet ball. Without a doubt, your animal will have a great time playing with this ball, without having to travel so many kilometers!

Why crochet balls? 

  • Out of respect for nature (cotton balls, no plastic)
  • Out of respect for your animal (gentle on their teeth, no chemicals)
  • Out of respect for your neighbors (you can throw the ball indoors, it won't make a sound!)

At the  Crapule we are always concerned about the health of your animal and the planet, which is why you will not find synthetic material. The thread is cotton and the filling is Kapok, a natural fiber that surrounds the seeds of the Kapok tree.

  • 100% cotton yarn
  • Padding in Kapok, natural fiber
  • No glue or other chemicals are used to make La Crapule crochet balls
  • Each piece is  handmade, which makes them unique pieces
  • The pattern may vary slightly because it depends on the color sequence of the thread
  • The size may vary slightly because it is related to the padding, done manually


We remind you that your animal must always be under your supervision during its moments of play.




  • The size of the ball is that of its diameter. We indicate equivalences for more clarity.

    S: 4.5 cm (equivalent to the size of an apricot), recommended for cats and very small dogs

    M: 5.5 cm (barely smaller than a tennis ball), recommended for small dogs

    L: 8.5 cm (equivalent to a beautiful orange), recommended for medium to large dogs

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